Costco Shoppers Are Losing It Over This Affordable Crème Brûlée

Most Costco fans already know there are all kinds of delicious desserts available for purchase in their baked goods department, which hosts a wide variety of freshly baked cakes, pies, and pastries. However, some people may not know that they can also find satisfying sweets in the refrigerated section of the wholesale store, like Costco's recently re-released popular créme brûlée. These boxes of eight individual custards have all the quality of a high-class dessert but are being sold at budget prices.

In fact, you can enjoy all the creamy decadence for a steal at just $8 for the whole box, according to The Takeout. Each serving of crème brûlée also comes with individual packets of burnt sugar, which you can sprinkle on top of the dish and let caramelize for just a minute in a broiler for a truly authentic, restaurant-style dessert experience. Costco shoppers were thrilled to see this delicious and cost-effective item return to the store's shelves. "Super delish crème brûlée at Costco!! This comes with 8 cups for $7.99, plus the glass cups are reusable and super cute!" Instagram user@costcobuys excitedly told their followers, who were equally delighted about the adorable and affordable item.

Each individual serving of crème brûlée comes in an adorable reusable cup

Instagram user @mamalovesry raved: "These are the absolute best!!!" and follower @karenkyarber enthusiastically agreed: "Ummmm this could be a problem for me!!!! Love!!!!" Another follower joked: "Just fell out of bed with excitement, stumbling out the door right now to get some." Each delicious dessert comes separated out into its own individual serving, and the containers are reusable. So not only are the desserts themselves a steal, but you also get eight bonus pieces of dishware in each box of the crème brûlée. Instagram user @kelly_houchen celebrated: "I LOVE the cups that all the desserts come in." User @6x19971 agreed: "So good!! I use the ramekins as sauce cups!!"

While Costco is known for great prices for grocery items, they may have outdone themselves with this deal. For just eight bucks, you get eight fancy desserts and eight ramekins that you can reuse over and over for your own crafts or cooking creations. So if you're looking for a special dessert to serve to guests, or just want to feel fancy on a budget, this Costco crème brûlée sounds sure not to disappoint.