The Reason People Are Criticizing Gordon Ramsay's Starbucks Sandwich TikTok Is Not What You'd Expect

Gordon Ramsay, TikTok, controversy – just a regular week, right? Actually, this time the criticism is a little bit different, and the real reason people are criticizing Gordon Ramsay's Starbucks sandwich TikTok is not what you'd expect. First of all, chef Ramsay didn't like the sandwich. No real surprises there, but his critique is worth sharing again. The celebrity chef is shown smiling and laughing in the Starbucks drive-thru, where he grabs a sandwich from a bag that looks like a grilled ham and cheese. Says Ramsay, "It's only toasted one side (via TikTok). I asked for no mustard." Referring to a comment he made in the video about melted cheese strands that landed on his hand, Ramsay wrote, "It's like Harry Snotter and the Chamber of Cheeses."

Remember, this entire time, everyone is smiling. While the chef may have higher standards and is known for some highly descriptive criticism, some people insist he's a nice guy (via Quora). And viewers noted that while he was unimpressed by the sandwich, the chef didn't cause a fuss with the workers at the chain.

Waste not, want not

TikTok viewer Rastan Jones seemingly complemented Ramsay's way of complaining: "KARENS NOTE: He doesn't ask to see the manager, he doesn't tell them to go back to their country. He tosses the problem n moves on" (via TikTok). So if it's not the food, and it's not the way he treated Starbucks staff, why are people criticizing Ramsay?

Check the last part of that statement again. "He tosses the problem," meaning that Ramsay threw away the sandwich. Fans took issue with this food waste because while perhaps not appetizing, this sandwich looked perfectly edible. TikToker Jessica commented, "Man really bought a sandwich to throw it away I'm deadddddd," and watcher Alexius said, "This video was great, I just wish you had given it to someone instead of waste it." While in general, we'd agree that this is a terrible waste of a sandwich when there are hungry people around, we think it's important to point out that the chef fingered up this sandwich pretty good in his dissection. Maybe to some, this wouldn't be a big issue, but the globe is still in a pandemic.

While the waste isn't our favorite, chef Ramsay probably made the right choice. Whether you agree, disagree, or simply love Starbucks sammies, we think you'll still get a laugh from this fun experience.