Do This Before Throwing Away Your Eggshells

If you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs. And if you want to use those leftover eggshells for something productive, you've got options. Farmers' Almanac came up with ten (ten!) things to do with eggshells, and literally not one of them is "throw them away." How is that possible you ask? The oft-disposed-of organic material is "nature's suit of armor and an excellent source of calcium and minerals," according to the site; a description that might make you feel downright guilty about tossing those shells in the trash.

But luckily, you're here, and we've got you covered like an egg. While the Farmer's Almanac guide has everything from gardening tips to arts and crafts projects, it was Kitchn that suggested a trick we can't get "an oeuf" of. It turns out, those tiny suits of armor are ready to go to battle in your kitchen: taking on your mighty blender and sharpening its blades with the strength of an army.

Blended eggshells make terrible dessert, egg-stra sharp blades

Kitchn recommends putting your leftover eggshells into a ziplock bag and freezing them (so as to kill any organic material that might attract bacteria). When you're ready to give your blender a glow up, add your frozen eggshells to the blender's jar, then pour enough water in to cover them. Blitz those babies on high a few times, and then enjoy your eggshell smoothie! Just kidding. Throw the shell-and-water mix in the trash, and clean your blender thoroughly with soap and water. If those tiny soldiers did their job, your next smoothie adventure should be smoothie-r than ever!

You might get overly excited about your newfound power, and who could blame you? But don't start carrying eggshells around the house, looking for other things to sharpen. According to American Home Shield, throwing shells in the garbage disposal is a big no-no; the grinder in your sink has blunt "impellers," not blades, that don't need sharpening. At best, the shells will clog up your pipes, and at worst, the membrane from your eggs will wrap itself around the impellers and stop them from working. Not egg-cellent. Stick to using leftover shells for blender blades only, and then give those soldiers an honorable discharge into your trashcan or compost bin.