The Oatmeal Brand Iron Chef's Jose Garces Swears By

Iron Chef's Jose Garces is an impressive man who has achieved many milestones as a celebrity chef. As highlighted by his website, Garces remains devoted to making the art of cooking as inclusive as possible. He has experimented with many options, including but not limited to online classes and demonstrations. The chef is also a popular television personality who's known for his easy-going personality on-screen. 

One of the chef's biggest healthy cooking tips is to spice things up and focus on colorful plates instead of keeping things dull. He told the Food Network, "This is a big lesson in professional kitchens, but it really applies at home, too: a monochromatic plate of food is never exciting." Garces highly recommends switching to colorful ingredients in a bid to keep food and nutrition exciting — especially for kids who may be picky eaters.

As far as healthy food goes, Garces is a big fan of oatmeal. In fact, he loves experimenting with oats to see what he can come up with. A fine example of his love for oats? This chicken oatmeal congee that's a favorite at the Garces home. He writes on Facebook, "A favorite way to start the day – chicken oatmeal congee. I love any chance to incorporate Asian-style recipes into my life, and this congee is quick, easy, and a great way to enhance oats with some leftover onions, mushrooms, and chicken." But what's the chef's go-to brand, you ask?

Iron Chef's Jose Garces stands by an old favorite

Per the Food Network, as far as oats are concerned, chef Jose Garces reckons that nothing is as good as a can of steel-cut oats from McCann's. Garces said, "To start the day, especially in the colder months, I think McCann's steel-cut Irish oatmeal is good fuel. I really like the texture — other oats tend to get soft and mushy." Yum!

The seasoned chef may have a good point. According to the brand's website, McCann's has been in the industry for more than 150 years and is a trusted name. The brand claims that its steel-cut Irish oats are prepared from "100 percent whole-grain Irish oats." The product also has good reviews from those who have tried it. A food blogger, Belly of the Pig, wrote that the oatmeal has great texture and is superior to its contemporaries. It also helps that the flavor is considered remarkable. Tempting, eh?