Whole Foods Fans Will Love This David Chang Announcement

If you're a fan of Momofuku noodle bar and you shop at Whole Foods, then you will love the announcement that celebrity chef David Chang just made on Instagram: "the wait is over...starting this week, @momolongplay spicy korean noodles are available in select whole foods markets in new york, southern california, new jersey, connecticut, nevada, and arizona. they're the same barley ramen @sunnoodles we use at @momofukunoodlebar, and they come with a spicy korean sauce created by our culinary lab."

This announcement was welcomed news to fans of David Chang and the Momofuku culinary empire, as well as home cooks everywhere, with the post garnering more than 25,000 likes in just five hours. If you've been craving those deliciously chewy barley noodles and don't live anywhere near one of the more than a dozen Momofuku restaurants worldwide, but you do live in one of the six states listed (lucky peach!), then get out to grab your spicy ramen noodle kits ASAP, before they all disappear as they are likely to do. It's already too late to try to get these noodle kits online at Sun Noodle's website, which lists them as "sold out." As a bonus, a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Asian American Justice Center (via Forbes).

These noodles are not your typical ramen

Although the package marks the noodles as ramen, they're not exactly ramen as you might expect, with a large bowl of well-seasoned broth to go along with those noodles (via The Kitchn). Not only do these noodles contain a blend of barley, but they are also meant to be served without a broth. Don't worry, they still pack plenty of flavor and heat, thanks to the handy gochujang-based spicy Korean sauce packet that's included in the kit, which also gives the noodles a saucy consistency. Don't forget to customize the dish with your favorite toppings. Some of the top options include a "poached egg, shiitake mushrooms, steamed spinach, and pickled cucumbers" (via Forbes), but feel free to go as wild as your heart, and taste buds, desire. Each package comes with two portions of noodles, so mix and match to find your favorite combinations.

Can't get enough of Momofuku flavors? Besides these new noodles at Whole Foods, you can order different blends of seasoned salts, sauces, and even their chili crunch from their Momofuku website to use at home. You can also catch David Chang on TV, including Netflix's Ugly Delicious and Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.