The Truth About Sprite Zero

Soda can be a refreshing drink to have when you're looking for a quick fix for your sweet tooth. Of course, sodas have often received criticism for being high in sugar and can be pretty bad for your health in general. According to a Healthline piece, drinking too much soda has been associated with health issues such as tooth decay, obesity, and a higher risk of illnesses such as heart ailments and cancer.

A possible solution, of course, is to explore alternative options such as diet sodas like Sprite Zero. However, these sodas come with concerns of their own. As highlighted in a Forbes article, previous experiments have indicated that diet sodas can lead to potential problems such as an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. While these studies haven't been conclusive, they're arguably still a cause for concern. 

There are other issues with diet sodas as well. One Redditor offered an interesting perspective and wrote, "Psychologically, people will often believe that drinking a diet soda can make up for eating something unhealthy, and will end up consuming more calories that they would have if they'd only had a regular soda." Ouch.

As for Sprite Zero specifically, we don't think it's worth the buy. According to Is It Bad For You, Sprite Zero reportedly has some questionable ingredients that can be pretty harmful for your health.  

Sprite Zero doesn't have any health perks

As per Is It Bad For You, Sprite soda first made its way into stores in 1974 and remains popular today. However, one of the major reasons we believe that chugging Sprite Zero isn't worth it is because it doesn't have any health benefits at all. Additionally, diet sodas like Sprite Zero can be pretty disappointing when it comes to getting rid of cravings, and may make you reach out for more food simply because you don't feel satiated after drinking a can. 

Furthermore, another problem with Sprite Zero is that it contains an artificial sweetener called aspartame, and that's been reportedly connected to several health issues. Aspartame, it's been said, can lead to certain types of cancer and may cause symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, seizures, palpitations, and more. While nobody is sure about these side-effects, the ingredient remains very controversial. To be on the safe side, it may be best to stay away from aspartame for now.