The Big Advantage Cold Brew Has Over Hot Coffee

Coffee is an elixir that can boost your mood and energize you first thing in the morning. It's a beverage that can work for many occasions: work meetings, catching up with an old friend, or revitalizing a sleepy afternoon. Whether you like your cuppa iced or hot, it's likely that you have a preference and enjoy making your coffee a certain way. That said, there's a big trend that has taken over the industry that even drip coffee loyalists adore: cold brew.

As per Healthline, cold brew can do several things for your health, such as potentially lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. It can also give your metabolism a jumpstart and make it easier to stay fit. If you need more reasons to incorporate cold brew into your diet, there are plenty of things worth considering. Aside from the fact that it's fairly simply to brew your own batch at home, the taste of cold brew is worth zeroing in on. 

It beats hot coffee significantly for this one reason

One of the biggest selling points when it comes to cold brew coffee is the fact that it isn't as acidic as hot coffee. As reported by Insider, you're looking at up to 70 percent less acidity in cold brew in comparison to its hot counterpart. Who would've thought?

This is especially good news for those who live with conditions like acid reflux and find that their symptoms are worse after drinking regular coffee, as Roasty Coffee reports. The site also explains that sticking to your cup of cold brew can make you look younger, offer anti-aging benefits, and improve your mood! A winning combination all around.

Additionally, cold brew tastes naturally sweeter, which is a major plus for those who typically turn to additional mix-ins like sugar and flavored syrups. And, as Healthline states, while it takes a relatively longer time to brew this drink, it's worth the effort. All you need is a cheese cloth, roasted coffee beans, a mesh strainer, and a mason jar. 

According to this tutorial created by Simply Recipes, all it really takes to make your own cold brew is 12 hours of coffee grounds steeping in water. Pro tip: You should prepare enough cold brew at once so that lasts for a few days, and you can pour yourself a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Perfection!