Good News For Burger King Fans In Nigeria

Burger King has had its eye on Africa for some time. According to the Financial Times, the fast food empire has sought new restaurants throughout the continent since 2018, particularly keen to expand their presence in Kenya, The Ivory Coast, and Nigeria. Over the years, Burger King expanded and started establishing new locations in Nairobi and beyond since 2016 (via Capital Lifestyle). The brand then moved to Ghana, claiming its first locations in the country in 2018 (via Servair). Now, Burger King finds itself one step closer to total burger domination with their new Nigeria location.

According to Pulse, we can expect to see the brand in Nigeria by the Fall of 2021. The opening of the chain falls under the leadership of Allied Food and Confectionary Services Limited, a new Nigerian company composed of a wide group of investors. Both Burger King and the investment group still need to decide on the location of the new restaurants, but feel optimistic, as they claim the business venture should bring hundreds of jobs to Nigeria while bolstering the local economy.

The classic Whopper comes to Nigeria

Pulse reports that we can expect to see the Whopper and all the other famous Burger King offerings at the new Nigerian locations. If the Taiwan Burger King chain could provide any indication, we can expect to see all of our favorite sandwiches, and possibly a few local specialties, akin to Taiwan Burger King's Hershey Chocolate Whopper (via Hypebeast). The group that owns Burger King also owns Tim Hortons and Popeyes, potentially opening the door to even more food chains in the future.

Only time can tell what happens next, but no matter what, we can expect to see Burger King open up its latest locations in Nigeria before the end of the year. If you find yourself in Nigeria and crave a Whopper, the wait has almost come to an end. With a bit of luck, we can enjoy our favorite fast food offerings soon and might even see a few new items hit local menus to commemorate the openings.