This Is Why Ina Garten Never Weighs Her Baking Ingredients

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At-home bakers who find themselves sifting through Joanna Gaines, Martha Stewart, or Ina Garten dessert recipes on the reg, have probably heard the saying "weigh — do not measure — your ingredients." Well, that's easy to do if you have the proper baking equipment at your disposal in your home kitchen, which the average person does not. For this reason, Garten explains her recipes will always go by measuring cups, not by a scale.

In a Barefoot Contessa Ask Ina forum, the professional chef said that while "weighing ingredients is the most precise way to measure [for baking]," she understands not everyone will have access to one. Rather, she "always use[s] measuring cups to make sure the recipe works without a kitchen scale."

This isn't to say recipes that go by measuring cups won't still taste delectable, but there is a certain science to baking that only weight scales can deliver. That's why so many chefs and foodies opt for the scales when it comes to whipping up brownies or a cake.

Why is it better to weigh baking ingredients?

King Arthur Baking Company makes a strong argument as to why you might want to toss out your measuring cups and start weighing baking ingredients. First off, let's address the obvious: Measuring utensils are such a headache to clean up. With a scale, you can continue to reuse the dish until you're done whereas you can't dig a cup into flour after it's been filled with milk or peanut butter.

Next, the baking company stresses that weight allows for a more accurate measurement than a cup, especially when it comes to liquid ingredients like water or vegetable oil. As an example, the brand measured six ounces of water; one with a cup and one using a scale. After pouring the cup water into a glass to compare to the scaled water, they found a notable discrepancy of one fourth.

Lastly, they say scales make it easier to adjust recipes if you want more or less, and they'll warrant equally-sized portions of whatever you're baking. If you're looking to make the switch to a kitchen scale, Amazon has tons of options at an affordable price. But, if you're a measuring cup aficionado, Ina Garten has your back.