This Is The One Food That Could Make Ali Khan Become Vegetarian

Chef Ali Khan has always loved to eat. According to the Food Network, Khan started treating his tastebuds to different types of food when he was a child, curious about all kinds of cuisines. His passion didn't fade as he grew up, either, as he eventually entered the industry as a food professional himself. As per Khan's website, he wanted to find a way to combine his love for the performing arts with food. Well, Khan did that rather successfully and has appeared on several TV shows, including but not limited to Grill It with Bobby Flay, The Best Thing I Ever Made, Cheap Eats, and Spring Baking Championship among others.

Khan is also popular on social media and has launched his very own channel on YouTube called Good Sauce. Of course, the foodie is a hardcore meat lover and often posts videos of himself trying out all kinds of dishes. But Khan isn't opposed to vegetarian food either, and loves one particular dish so much that he'd even consider switching his food preferences for it. No way!

The answer is Neapolitan pizza

As Khan posted on Twitter, his love for Neapolitan pizza is unparalleled. "Nothing shows off produce better than Neapolitan pizza," he wrote. "It's a food that could make me a vegetarian." What an endorsement, huh? 

Are you wondering what makes this pizza so special? Well, according to the The Spruce Eats, one of the things to consider is that this is a classic pizza dish from Naples, Italy that uses the most basic ingredients to wow your tastebuds: you're looking at tomatoes, a simple dough, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, and basil. That's it — nothing more, nothing less. Deliciousness.

Also, Khan has vouched for Neapolitan pizza from Pizza Rock in Las Vegas on his website. The chef highly recommends the pizza from the eatery, explaining that you'll be treated to "Neapolitan cooked in a 900 degree wood fired oven." That's an offer that you simply can't refuse, right?