The Drink That Keeps Joe Bastianich Motivated During Marathons

Famous restaurateur and "MasterChef" judge Joe Bastianich is an inspiration in more ways than one. Not only has he achieved great success in the food business, in restaurants and on TV, but he completes marathons in his free time. According to Epicurious, the chef decided to profoundly change his life in his 30s, after his doctor diagnosed him with sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Bastianich had been focusing too much on the family business — food. "It was really the central point of our daily activities, and that's a great thing, but obviously, it can have negative effects as well," he said.

The celebrity chef changed his diet, started exercising regularly, lost weight, and eventually went off the cholesterol pills his doctor had prescribed him. He now participates regularly in marathons and Ironman contests. He was able to make this change by looking at food in a new way: as fuel for his workouts, rather than a reward or treat. Bastianich controlled his portion sizes and incorporated more fruit, vegetables, and whole-grain options into his meals.

When it comes to marathons, Bastianich allows himself to go back to his old way of thinking, just a little bit. At the end of the 26.2-mile race, he imagines one frosty-cold beverage waiting for him afterward, as a reward.

What type of beer waits for Joe Bastianich at the end of every marathon?

In his quest to improve his health, restaurant owner and TV food celebrity Joe Bastianich discovered running. It wasn't easy for him in the beginning. He told Runner's World that the struggle was quite real for him after he incorporated exercise into his lifestyle. Even walking was a struggle at first, but he kept at it and eventually progressed to running. A friend talked Bastianich into doing a 5K run. From there, he advanced to the 10K, the half marathon, and then the marathon. He was hooked. "At that point, I was running because I loved it," he said.

Bastianich told Mic how he prepares for the New York Marathon, and what helps him get through it. After the race's halfway point, he uses crowd noise to motivate him. As he crosses the finish line, his thoughts turn to an especially light and refreshing variety of beer: Pilsner. "I'm not a big beer drinker and it always surprises me, but post marathon all I want is a cold, crisp Pilsner," he said. He also enjoys a spaghetti plate afterward at his own restaurant, Becco, in Manhattan. Pair that with a Pilsner, and it's a meal worth running for.