How Anthony Bourdain Really Felt About Tyler Florence

Anthony Bourdain was a revered chef known for his love for food and cultures vastly different from his own. He was also a man who held pretty strong opinions and had fraught relationships with some of his peers in the industry. According to a report by Pop Culture, Bourdain didn't get along with Guy Fieri and said that he was a "terror dome." Fieri wasn't pleased and told GQ, "I don't like him making fun of people, and I don't like him talking s**t. And he's never talked s**t to my face." Eek. 

Bourdain also wasn't a fan of fellow chef Rachael Ray. He believed that she wasn't great at her craft and was essentially promoting mediocrity. He once wrote on his blog, "She's selling us satisfaction, the smug reassurance that mediocrity is quite enough" (via The Millions). Oops.

Another chef who was on Bourdain's radar? Tyler Florence. In fact, the duo's dislike for each other was public knowledge.

Florence and Bourdain didn't get along

According to the Daily Beast, Bourdain really didn't like Florence, and was especially annoyed when Florence chose to promote Applebee's. Bourdain said at a satirical awards ceremony that Florence deserved what he got: the "worst career" move award. He even ranted onstage, saying, "At least you can get really fu***ed up at Applebee's for cheap. You can't do that sh** at Dunkin Donuts." Oof.

Florence, in case you're wondering, was definitely offended by Bourdain's remarks. He later came up with a retort of his own against the chef and commented, "If you take a look at Anthony Bourdain, have you ever seen that guy put anything on a plate? What gives him the right to say anything about anybody?"

However, when Bourdain unexpectedly committed suicide in 2018, Florence kept their differences aside and took a moment to remember the chef. He wrote, "Shattered" on Twitter.

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