Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Says This Nightly Drink Helps With Pregnancy Heartburn

Actress Lala Kent, best known for her role on "Vanderpump Rules," has been fairly open about her pregnancy throughout the last year, sharing regular updates with her fans ahead of the birth of her daughter Ocean in mid-March (via Us Magazine). That includes sharing useful pregnancy tricks that have helped along the way, such as her go-to body oil to keep stretch marks at bay, according to Bravo TV.

Of course, pregnancy also bring with it a whole lot of internal changes to a woman's body, too, such as intense cravings, nausea, heartburn, and more. As noted by Healthline, pregnant women need to ramp up their diet by 340-450 additional calories a day with a healthy combination of complex carbs, good fats, fruits and vegetables, grains, and protein to get adequate nutrition for themselves and their growing baby. Yet with the influx of more varied foods, some pregnant women can be presented with digestive issues. 

For Kent, heartburn was a challenge that she had to confront. For this issue too, she shared tips with her fans, including a particularly useful technique that helped her cope with the 'burn on a nightly basis.

Milk did her body good

As reported by Bravo TV, Lala Kent spoke about tackling heartburn symptoms every night by finding a routine that was comforting and immensely helpful. She shared details in an Instagram story, stating, "I get a glass of milk, lay on a heating pad, and binge 'Family Guy,' every night. Because yes, I'm that gross now ... Whole milk helps my heartburn."

Not quite sold on the idea of chugging milk to fight heartburn effects? There are other ways out. As noted by Eating Well, pregnant women can help fight off heartburn by avoiding triggers including acidic items like tomatoes and citrus and spicy dishes known to worsen symptoms. Instead, the article suggests, turn to foods such as ginger, vegetables, whole grain dishes, and healthy fats. Ginger, by the way, is a superhero when it comes to digestive upset. If milk doesn't suit you, try ginger tea for a comforting drink at night.