Read This Before Using A Public Grill

As the days and nights are getting warmer and longer, it's the perfect time for an outdoor barbecue with friends or family. Whether you're a fan of traditional burgers and hotdogs or like to attempt something more unique like lamb, you really can't go wrong. Grill expert Bobby Flay told Star Chefs he loves the fun atmosphere of outdoor cooking. "Grilling takes the formality out of entertaining," Flay explained. "Everyone wants to get involved. The process and the great smells it produces make everyone hungry and get everyone's mouth watering." We couldn't agree more. 

However, not all of us have a grill in our backyard or the space to host a large party. That's why it's super convenient when public spaces like parks have a large barbecue area set up for making delicious food. But let's be honest, thinking about using a grill that a bunch of other people have used is a little scary. You likely don't know what they decided to make on it or what's been left behind. Fortunately, we have some easy tips to follow to ensure your next grilling experience is a great one.

Easy and quick ways to clean a public grill

When you're first stepping up to a communal barbecue, the best thing to do is a quick cleaning. The Kitchn recommends cleaning out the grill grates using a grill brush or foil to remove any food chucks that are still hanging on. Next, using a paper bag or a trash bag, you'll want to get rid of any ashes that are still leftover. Lastly, preheat the grill for a while, which will make it easier to get off any extra food particles that are still lingering around. 

However, if putting food directly on a public barbecue makes you uncomfortable you can always use tinfoil, according to Lifehacker. The outlet suggests lining the grill with aluminum foil and poking a few holes in it, in order to allow some air to get through. Now, you're all set to enjoy some delicious grilled chicken on the barbie. Just make sure to clean up after yourselves to make it easier and cleaner for the next grill master.