Aldi Shoppers Can't Decide Which Of These Frozen Naanpanadas Is Better

Obsessed (like Chrissy Teigen is obsessed with Dorito cheese dust) is the word that best describes Aldi shoppers' feelings about Journey to India's "Naanpanadas." Those who have devoured the appetizers know that they're neither empanadas, nor samosas, nor naan, but, rather, a kind of hybrid, invented by a company in Canada (via Aldi Reviewer). And maybe because they're a Canadian attempt at Latin American-Indian fusion food, both the chickpea curry and butter chicken flavors are mixed with mozzarella cheese (via Almost Aldi). For the record, no Naanpanada review we have read has, thus far, complained about the addition.

Don't buy these appetizers if you're looking for instant gratification. According to Aldi Reviewer, the Naanpanadas need 15 minutes in the oven, followed by a two-minute cooling off time. But, if you're willing to wait 20 minutes to quench your snack needs, Journey to India's Naanpanadas are a no-brainer. Don't take our word for it. On both Instagram and Reddit, Aldi's hungry Naanpanada customers can't decide which version is better.

This is what Aldi customers say about Journey to India's Naanpanadas

"So good," is Reddit's, surprisingly uncritical verdict. "Naanpanadas need to be a thing. Like, an all-the-d***-time thing. Whatever you put in there," wrote one snack-satisfied customer. "The sauce was good enough to want to salvage it for something else and/or drink it straight haha," wrote a third. (Did we forget to mention that Journey to India's Naanpanadas come with tamarind sauce?)

On Instagram, fans of both the brand's chickpea curry and butter chicken varieties rave that the appetizers are "soooo delicious," and advise that they're "honestly not bad" even when you reheat them. We're not going to lie. The latter comment surprised us. It means, of course, that someone made a box and had leftovers?! According to Aldi Reviewer, each box of Journey to Indian's Naanpanadas contains 12, which makes for about three Naanpanada servings per box. But when's the last time you limited yourself to less than three servings of something that's clearly so heavenly?