This Nigella Lawson Recipe Makes Salted Caramel A Snap

Britain's reigning domestic diva Nigella Lawson says there are reasons she likes to keep her cooking as straightforward as possible: "I don't write complicated recipes. I'm not that kind of a cook. I mean, I'm a klutz in the kitchen, really," she confessed to NPR. "But the thing that I think really is peaceful for me is the fact that you have to stop thinking and respond much more on the level of the senses, you know, pay attention to the feel of something or the smell as it cooks. And I think that's a very good way of short-circuiting the monkey mind."

Her desire to keep things simple can explain why her recipe for salted caramel deviates from more classic versions offered up by cooking sites like Martha Stewart. "Real salted caramel requires patience, dexterity and a sugar-thermometer, none of which come naturally to me, but a salted caramel sauce can be rustled up in a matter of moments," Nigella notes on her site, which carries her name. 

Nigella's salted caramel sauce calls for specific ingredients

Nigella Lawson's recipe for salted caramel sauce may not require extra gadgets, but she does ask that those who want to make the sauce her way stick to some basic rules. She calls for the use of unsalted butter, and specifies that you don't try to use table salt in place of fleur de sel. The absence of a candy thermometer notwithstanding, the recipe is vintage Nigella, calling for specific ingredients in order to get the desired result. It's a quality highlighted by The Guardian's Bee Wilson in her review of a Nigella classic, "How to Eat."

Simple though it may be, the recipe has received rave reviews from those who have tried her recipe with much success over the years. "I am so impressed with this. It tastes even better than it sounds. It's quick, super easy and so good I could just eat it with a spoon. I gradually added the salt and stopped at just over half a teaspoon. I also like breaking a few salt flake up and sprinkling them on top. I love the crunch," says one reviewer on her site in 2017.

"I have now made this sauce twice and it is absolutely delicious. We have had it over vanilla ice cream and also spiced apple crumble. Be warned – it is highly addictive! Not sure if my jeans will actually do up tomorrow! Thanks Nigella, for such a great recipe," said another, back in 2012.