Costco Fans Can't Agree On These Organic Frozen Burritos

While the burrito first crossed the border to the United States around the 1940s, according to Vox, it wasn't until Duane R. Roberts invented the frozen burrito in 1956 that the staple really took off. Frozen burritos were portable, shelf-stable, and introduced Americans to delicious Mexican cuisine right in their homes and schools.

Still, not all frozen burritos are created equal, and that holds true for the frozen burritos available at Costco. While shoppers across the country vouch for the sheer variety of products available at the warehouse, not all of its offerings should be recommended (A Redditor and an employee at Costco says the store has some of the worst fruits and veggies). 

One recent example would be the frozen burritos from Lilly B's, a brand that touts its use of organic ingredients. Costco shoppers can't make up their minds about the brand's burritos. The Instagram account @costcobuys first spotted them — on sale for just $6.99 for a box of eight (via Instagram).

Shoppers can't make up their minds about these frozen burritos

When @costcobuys posted a photo of Organic Bean, Rice & Cheese Burritos yesterday, many Costco fans took notice. Some commenters were quick to criticize the burritos. One user wrote, "Not so good, was disappointed." Another complained, "Won't buy them again. Sadly, cuz I love bean and cheese burritos. They should be an easy one to get right." Another shopper wrote, "These are not good. No taste at all, beyond bland even when I tried to season them."

However, some Costco shoppers said Lilly B's burritos were a big hit at their home. One called them "my go to," while another said, "So glad these are back!!! Our kids love them!!!"

A different customer said that this item is a "regular staple" for them and that they're really fond of the burritos. Meanwhile, the product's manufacturer, Lilly B's, describes the burritos as, "not too spicy, not too complicated, just fresh, wholesome goodness wrapped in an organic tortilla, clean & simple." While the pinto beans, brown rice, cheddar cheese, and flour tortilla are all USDA organic, according to the brand, it seems the jury is still out whether these frozen burritos are worth it. If you'd like to try them at this deeply discounted rate, these organic burritos will be on sale until May 9.