Only 13% Of People Rely On This Drink For An Energy Boost

Let's face it: getting through a busy workday is not an easy task sometimes, and it really helps to keep your energy levels high by turning to a beverage such as tea or coffee during the day. According to a piece by Prevention, a simple combination like coffee and cinnamon can work wonders for your brain and help you stay focused. Researchers have previously found a link between coffee and positive changes in memory function. Also, cinnamon's aroma is known to make people feel a lot more alert in general. Hard to argue with that logic, eh?

Ever wondered what appeals to the public at large the most, though? Do people have a green tea preference or do they stick to a simple cup of coffee with milk and sugar? Or perhaps they'd like to buy a can of Diet Coke on their busiest days? In our quest for answers, Mashed conducted a YouTube survey that included 39,000 participants from different parts of the world.

Tea doesn't always appeal to people

The survey asked respondents to choose from popular options such as tea, coffee, and energy drinks. They could also an "other" category and specify their preferred pick-me-up. The most popular choice was coffee at 48% while energy drinks were at 20%. Accounting for 19%, the "other" option was surprisingly more popular than tea, which lagged behind at 13%.

A commenter wrote that they prefer a simple glass of lemonade to boost their energy levels. Meanwhile, another participant wrote that instead of a beverage, they prefer snacking on fruits for a quick burst of energy. Another commenter responded with, "A large glass of water. Depends on time of the day. Tea usually gets me going in the morning." Naps were also a popular choice among the survey's participants. Hey! It's hard to say no to a good, refreshing nap, after all. 

Despite its low ranking, don't discount the benefits of tea yet. According to Penn Medicine, tea offers several health perks such as increased immunity and more protection against illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. Plus, you have access to lots of different types of tea that you can experiment with like green tea, chamomile tea, white tea, peppermint tea, and more.