Here's How Mary Lou Davis Reacted To Losing Hell's Kitchen Season 19

One of the most entertaining food-themed shows on television is "Hell's Kitchen" — a competitive reality show that pits several talented chefs against each other. It helps that the show is spearheaded by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay who offers the winner a chance to work at one of his restaurants coupled with prize money worth $250,000. According to The Things, the show can be pretty unpredictable as its producers work hard to keep the participants guessing throughout the season.

The show's 19th season had an impressive line-up that included talented chefs from different parts of the country, including Mary Lou Davis, a chef from San Antonio, Texas (via FOX San Antonio). She was a solid contestant who entered the competition armed with plenty of self-confidence. According to an Instagram post shared by Davis, she has two college degrees and was the youngest chef at the company she worked for.

While she brought a lot of personality and skill to the show, Davis ended up earning second place, with fellow contestant Kori Sutton winning first (via WSVN). But her vibrant, positive mindset kept her afloat during this tough loss.

Mary Lou Davis is optimistic about everything

As reported by FOX San Antonio, Mary Lou Davis was able to power through five difficult challenges on "Hell's Kitchen." Her final hurdle on the show was to impress a crowd of diners with a delicious meal. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, she lost the battle and was declared the runner-up. This didn't dampen the chef's spirits who found herself feeling grateful for everything.

She shared with her fans on Instagram that "Hell's Kitchen" was a priceless learning opportunity for her. She also said that she made many new friends and even found a mentor in chef Christina Wilson. She wrote, "Every day at @hellskitchenfox I learned from every mistake I made, determined not to make it twice. I gained confidence and was able to believe in myself. I surprised so many people, so many not feel bad for me. I have won so much and will continue to make a name for myself."