Try Adding This Type Of Mustard To Your Egg Salad

Eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen. From a diner-style breakfast to a cake fit for a queen, eggs are in that recipe. According to The Nibble, eggs found a new form in 1762, when the egg salad sandwich was concocted. While this was the first presentation of the sandwich, The Nibble notes egg salad itself was likely enjoyed even earlier in history. There are endless variations of egg salad, but for the most part, there are two core components: eggs and mayonnaise. 

It may have even been the invention of mayonnaise that inspired the egg sandwich, considering the condiment is often the star of the show, keeping the salad intact. Egg salad has gone on to become a classic lunchtime staple, likely due to its affordability, ease, and adaptability. However, the mayo can move aside and make room for another flavor booster: mustard. Many egg salad recipes include in a bit of mustard to add a tangy flavor, but sometimes it's so subtle that it's missed. If you want the flavor in your egg salad to pop, The Rustic Foodie recommends mixing in mustard, dijon specifically.

Dijon mustard is the secret to your next egg salad

The creaminess of dijon mustard doesn't compromise the perfect texture of egg salad, but manages to sneak up and offer, as The Rustic Foodie puts it, a "gourmet twist." Dijon mustard balances the salad and also helps to "brighten things up," per food blogger One Lovely Life. Another bonus of choosing the mustard path as opposed to the heavy mayonnaise route is that the dish will be a bit lighter. Your belly will be thanking you for this hot tip and so will your health. Upstate Nutrition confirms that mustard is healthier than its condiment cousins, mayo and ketchup. Chances are mayo will still be part of your egg salad, but there will be far less of it if mustard is in the mix. 

While delicious, egg salad isn't often associated with refined cuisine. So while you may not be enjoying mustard-based egg salad as part of a five-course meal, the dijon does add an imaginative surprise to the dish, and sets it apart from the sandwiches you may have had at age 12.