The Strange Reason Publix Wanted A Chicken Tender Sub Account Pulled From Twitter

When a sub sandwich craving strikes, nothing hits the spot like a Publix chicken tender sub. According to New Theory Magazine, the sub ranks as one of the most popular of the grocery store's sandwiches and has established an obsessed fan base that loves to find deals on the meal. One chicken tender sub lover even put together a notorious Twitter account that closely followed Publix sales based around this iconic sandwich and tweeted whenever a good deal appeared. Despite this social media account's fervent love for Publix, the supermarket chain decided to take a strike at the fans.

According to the Associated Press, the Twitter account stopped posting updates after revealing that Publix started to pursue legal action against the account holder. Bryan Dickey, the man behind the account, had allegedly started an LLC called PubSub Creative based on finding Publix sub deals. Users could even text "PUBSUB" to a phone number Dickey controlled to get text updates about Publix sub deals. While sources have yet to identify how this venture made money, or if the LLC was ever officially created, Dickey reports that his sub deal venture netted $5,000 last year. Publix took offence to an unaffiliated fan profiting off of its name and allegedly issued a cease and desist order.

A Publix fan's quest to spread chicken tender sub news

As the days go by, the story continues to deepen. The offending Twitter account sprang to life after weeks of inactivity and may have tweeted its last deal, offering up a heart made out of sub baguettes and informing followers that chicken tender subs have dropped to $6.99 starting tomorrow and running until May 5. According to News 4 Jax, further details remain spotty. Neither Publix nor Dickey have provided copies of the cease-and-desist letter, and both parties haven't shared any of their email correspondence leading to the account shutdown. 

If you count yourself as a fan of Publix chicken tender subs and love a great deal, you have to hold your breath a bit longer as the drama continues to unfold. In the meantime, take advantage of the account's latest tweet and pick up a sub starting tomorrow to honor its potential last words. Only time will tell what happens next, but with any luck, a new source of information can rise from the ashes and keep spreading news on where and when you can score great deals on chicken tender sandwiches.