Costco Fans Are Obsessed With These Vegan Dark Chocolate Coconut Candy Bars

If you like sweets, but don't appreciate all the sugar that comes with most candy bars, then you might think there aren't many treat options for you to enjoy. But that doesn't have to be the case anymore. Costco has the perfect sweet snack for you to enjoy, with their new Unreal dark chocolate and coconut mini bars. 

These bars are completely vegan, certified gluten free, and contain 51 percent less sugar than other leading chocolate bar brands. According to Unreal Snacks, they are made with just three simple, wholesome ingredients: rich dark chocolate, organic cassava syrup, and organic coconut, which gives them a delicious kick of tropical sweetness without being overloaded with excess sugar or other unhealthy additives. These bars are a great sweet substitute for those who want to watch their sugar intake but still have a bit of a sweet tooth. And these bars are not just good for people — they are also made with sustainable sourced and fair trade ingredients, which means they are a better choice for the planet as well.

Costco shoppers raved about these vegan snacks on social media

Costco shoppers were so excited to see this vegan, low-sugar option on store shelves. The popular Instagram account @costcobuys couldn't wait to share the news with their followers, posting: "@unreal.snacks dark chocolate coconut minis look SO good! These are lower in sugar and are vegan! Get this 15oz bag for $9.49!"

Their followers were quick to celebrate the arrival of these chocolate bars. One follower raved: " They are amazing! I don't feel guilty eating them at all! And the peanut butter cups by them are amazing too!"

"These are the BEST little treat!" Instagram user @mindygodell agreed, while @nikki_flaucher replied: "These are my fave!! I'm eating one right now!"

So if you've been looking for a vegan treat to help satisfy your chocolate craving, are looking to cut back on sugar, or you just want to try out something new, now is the time to head to your local Costco and check out these Unreal bars for yourself.