Starbucks Just Released A Premium Line Of Instant Coffee. Here's What You Need To Know

With more people working from home than ever before, fewer people are stopping by their local Starbucks to pick up their morning cup of coffee on their way to work (via Restaurant Business). However, the coffee shop now has a way for customers to still get their fix of premium Starbucks coffee, without ever having to leave their house. The popular coffee chain has just announced they will be releasing a new line of premium instant coffee. According to Food Business News, Starbucks and Nestle began collaborating in 2018 to bring Starbucks coffees from the shop to the home with their range of 24 Starbucks at-home products. Now, Starbucks has decided to add a new premium line of instant coffee to their existing at-home signature Starbucks selections.

The new line of Starbucks Premium Instant is made from ethically sourced, 100% arabica coffee beans and comes in three tempting varieties. There's a Blonde Roast, which has a bright and sweet taste, a Medium Roast with a nutty, milk chocolatey flavor profile, and a Dark Roast that features a rich, toasted dark chocolate flavor (via Delish).

Starbuck's premium instant coffees will be available in grocery stores and online

"As we've all spent more time at home, our daily coffee habits have changed, with 85% of coffee drinkers having at least one cup at home (up 8% since January 2020) and more than 40% of Americans buying types of coffee they had never tried before during the pandemic. Instant coffee is one format customers have been eager to try, with sales increasing 12.5% year-over-year," Starbucks said of the consumption habits driving their decision to expand their premium instant coffee offerings (via Food Business News).

All three new flavors will be selling online and at participating retailers for a suggested price of $9.99 for a 3.17-ounce canister, per Delish. So if you've been missing your daily Starbucks pick-me-up, or just want to have the option to enjoy a nice hot cup of Starbucks coffee whenever you feel like it, then you might want to keep an eye out for these new premium instant coffees the next time you head to your local grocery store.