The Reason You Might Want To Start Storing A Cutting Board In The Fridge

Cutting boards are one of those kitchen items where you don't realize how much of a staple they are until you're up to your neck in veggies without anywhere to chop them. Like all handy cookware, cutting boards come in an array of different sizes, shapes, materials, and so forth. And that makes things a lot easier when you need a large board to cut up tons of onions for a sauté or a smaller board for herbs and other tiny foods like garlic and shallots. Not to mention, it's way easier to cut foods on a board than a plate — and will save your dinnerware from any scratches.

However, in addition to serving its intended purpose, cutting boards provide an extra kitchen hack. They can also act as an additional shelf in the fridge, says The Kitchn. Insert a cutting board (any kind you want, as long as it fits) on top of other food items and you'll get an additional whole shelf's worth of space, which is particularly useful for those that like to stock up on certain items during grocery runs. The writer of the article suggests placing it toward the back and on top of the tall items for the best use, and suggests you can also use a tray or baking sheet for the same purpose.

Tip: Place expiring items on the cutting board shelf

Here's another useful tip when it comes to doubling your cutting board as a fridge shelf: strategic placement is key! Unlike a normal shelf, your cutting board is resting on other refrigerated items. Meaning, if you need to grab that milk carton all the way in the back, your cutting board will either fall down or you'll have to remove the board every time you want something that is underneath it. 

For this reason, The Kitchn recommends only storing items that will be used up immediately on top of the cutting board. This could be yogurt, protein shakes, leftovers, or ingredients for an upcoming meal. Likewise, things that you place under the cutting board should be back stock items you might not need right away.

And remember, cleaning your fridge to toss out expired foods and mop up spills is crucial. The longer you go without tidying the trays and storage shelves, the more susceptible the fridge can be to dirt, mold, and bugs. Taste of Home advises doing a basic wipe down once per week.