Star Wars Fans Need To Watch This Jamie Oliver Cooking Video

Chef Jamie Oliver has dazzled our screens for decades by showing us how to make delicious and nutritious entrees. The celebrity chef first rose to fame when he appeared on his own show called The Naked Chef in the 90s, per Food Network. The premise of the series was to have Oliver show viewers how to create stripped down food that anyone could cook. Now he's using that talent for a force bigger than himself. 

According to CNN, today is the annual holiday for fans of Star Wars that has been made famous with the phrase: "May the Fourth be with you." For those who love the films the day is often marked by watching all of the movies or dressing up as your favorite character, and Oliver was no exception. The cookbook author tweeted out a video of himself dressed up as a Jedi in outer space, which showed his audience how to make a Star Wars themed meal.

Jamie Oliver shows his love for Star Wars with cooking tutorial dressed as Jedi

The short clip features Oliver showing fans how to make breakfast items that include pancakes that he mixes with a "lightsaber whisk" and making waffles in the shape of what he calls "the enemy." Which is Darth Vader, of course. To add some drama, the video also features a stormtrooper walking through a few times while the chef is attempting to make a TIE fighter. To create the iconic aircraft design that's flown by the villains in the movie, Oliver uses two large apple slices for the wings and uses a slice of banana for the body, holding it all together with peanut butter. 

Social media seemed to love the entertaining cooking video with one user commenting, "This is great, Jaimie! I loved it for its creativity!" Another Star Wars fan wrote, "Fantastic @jamieoliver! May the Fourth be with you!" So, if you're looking for a unique way to celebrate the holiday this meal sounds like it would be perfect — just make sure the force is with you while you're cooking.