Chick-Fil-A Fans Are Wondering If They Can Buy These Branded Golf Balls

For golf enthusiasts, it was no surprise that Chick-fil-A branded golf balls were on the minds of fans who love both the game and the classic fried chicken chain. About one month ago, someone that came across a photo of Chick-fil-A branded golf balls reached out on the chain's Reddit page to ask where they were sold and if it might be possible to buy some. 

It was, after all, Masters Tournament season in Georgia, which was held in Augusta between April 5 and 11 of this year. While egg salad or pimento cheese sandwiches are classics on the Masters menu, the chicken sandwich also makes an appearance (via Business Insider). Though the sandwich isn't from Chick-fil-A inside the tournament, it seems only natural that the Georgia-based and owned Chick-fil-A would take advantage of promoting its brand on golf balls around the height of golf tournaments. However, it isn't quite that simple.

Unfortunately, they're not for just anyone

According to the original Reddit thread, the Chick-fil-A branded golf balls are only sold internally. One person commented, "Pretty Sure Employees/Operators are the only people that can buy this." Another person wrote back, "Yeah they are on supply central," which is why it appears they are only available to employees. The Chick-fil-A customer and original poster on Reddit replied saying, "Nice, thanks for the heads up. Won't worry about them then." 

Perhaps Chick-fil-A should take to selling them to customers too, even if it is just during the Masters Tournament when golf is on the minds of many customers. While these are not the same, there are a few Chick-fil-A golf balls for sale on eBay. Most of them are from Chick-fil-A's charity golf championship, which was only held between 1992 and 2006 (via Golf Compendium). So, if you really feel the need to have Chick-fil-A golf balls, you might want to peruse the bidding website.