Aldi's Street Corn Dip Has Shoppers Divided

No one can argue that elotes make any grill out feel just right. This Mexican street corn features a charred ear of corn topped with a creamy chili, garlic, and Cotija cheese sauce that provides the perfect amount of heat for the warm weather (via Serious Eats). Enjoying this treat comes easily, but whipping it up takes too much time to enjoy every day. Luckily, Aldi has found the perfect solution to bring these flavors home, but not everyone has come around.

A Redditor over at r/aldi learned that the grocery chain now carries street corn dip, and posted a picture of a sweet potato topped with the product. It included the caption: "If you are blessed to be somewhere Aldi carries Street Corn Dip, buy it. Buy it all right now. I literally put it on everything, even sweet potatoes for breakfast." The product has divided Aldi fans, as the post has only drawn in about 50 upvotes and a ton of mixed comments.

An Aldi dip that has split fans

Some Reddit users love the new dip, chiming in with comments like, "Oh man. I loved it!!! I also loved the Mexicali one more. Now I'm on a diet so I can't eat them because I can't stop at 'just a bite.'" Another Aldi shopper said, "Currently my favorite snack in the entire fridge & I went to H mart, too." Others haven't warmed up to it, finding the product off-putting. Negative replies range from "I did not like street corn dip. I bought it for some naan bread dippers and ended up throwing the entire tub out. Very disappointed. I love corn dips," all the way to "I didn't love it, but I certainly ate it. It didn't really remind me of elote, once I got over that it was pretty tasty." Some users also found that they enjoyed it warm, rather than straight out of the fridge.

A variation on the traditional elote, Aldi's version of the street corn dip contains fire roasted corn, cilantro, red chili spices, mayonnaise, sour cream, Monterey Jack, cotija, and Neufchâtel cheese (via Instagram).

For a snack that gets you in the mood to enjoy some warm, sunny days, nothing hits the spot like elote. Aldi's latest dip aims to bottle up these same great flavors. Next time you make a grocery run, grab some of this dip and see where your own opinions land.