TikTok Is Trying To Change The Meaning Of 'Bud Light'

HYD, fam? If you're in a bit of a mood and need a snappy comeback, TikTok is here to help: A video of a man explaining what the letters in Bud Light mean to him has gone viral on the platform.

But first, a little context: on January 29, TikTok user @trentokk uploaded a video to the app with the description, "Go home then." In the clip, a man holding a case of Bud Light talks to someone offscreen, presumably preparing for someone to complain about his choice of beer. The man announces his planned response to her forthcoming displeasure, saying, "I'm gonna tell her Bud Light. Just say: Bud Light. She'll go, 'Bud Light, what the hell?"

The man then points to each of the letters on the case and jokingly clarifies what each letter stands for as he taps on them. "It's like, Bud Light," he repeats. "B***h. You. Don't. Like. It. Go. Home. Then."

The food trends of TikTok

The viral video, which as of publication has 4.4 million views, also has a more PG-rated version, with the word "bye" replacing the expletive. What's more, the original video has 140 responses, with fans enjoying the blunt reasoning of the original.

This is hardly the first time a food-based trend took off on TikTok, the platform has seen tiny pancake cereal, three-ingredient creme brulee, two-ingredient glazed donut cereal, a one-pan egg sandwich, and pickle juice salad dressing. While @trentokk isn't exactly a food influencer, the video platform hosts a gaggle of foodies.

Check out the profile of @foods for the answer to the question "will it waffle?" — a series where the influencer checks to see how the ingredients or menu items hold up to a waffle maker. Influencer @cookingbomb's feed, on the other hand, is filled with tasty dishes like pineapple fried rice, chocolate-coated Oreo ice cream pops, and Sichuan pickles.

For drink enthusiasts, bop over to @starbucksrecipeswithm, an account dedicated to all manner of refreshing Starbucks (or Starbucks-like) drinks. The content really is never-ending when it comes to TikTok and its food fans.

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