The Truth About Vanessa Hudgens' New Beverage Line, Caliwater

If you haven't heard much from the "High School Musical" star since her controversial comments that made light of the coronavirus pandemic, then it's about time for an update from Vanessa Hudgens (via USA Today). As it turns out, Hudgens is re-launching a beverage line called Caliwater (via Delish). Together with her friend, actor Oliver Trevena, as the brand's Instagram page states, the line of cactus water is making a new splash among the drink industry.

Though the drink made its first appearance in 2014, Trevena eventually purchased the brand from its original founder. Today, it's been redesigned and comes in new organic flavors. Perfect for those looking for a light and refreshing alternative to boozy seltzers (or a hangover cure), Caliwater comes in both Prickly Pear and Prickly Pear with Ginger and Lime. While the drinks might be a nice change from hard seltzers or even coconut water, they might also make for great mixers too — especially the ginger and lime version.

What to expect from Caliwater

Fans of Vanessa Hudgens or those who simply like to explore the latest on the drinks market will undoubtedly want to give this new beverage a try. The 12-ounce cans currently come in two package options, per Delish. The first is a four-pack for $11.99 and includes two of each flavor. The larger option is a 12-pack for $32.99 and only includes a single flavor. So you might want to start with the four-pack to find out which flavor you like best. Like most great things these days, the drink comes with a subscription option for a discounted price.

Another great reason to jump on board with this new drink release is its charitable cause. While hunger, particularly among kids, has been a long-standing issue, it became even more of a prolific problem during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to CNBC, as many as 17 million kids could be facing a food shortage or hunger. With every purchase of the new Caliwater, you can know you're supporting a good cause. That's all because the brand has dedicated itself to donate $1 million to nonprofit No Kid Hungry by April 2022.

So you can kick back and enjoy the drink all while knowing the money spent on it is doing some good too. So go ahead and order your first pack today and decide which pack you'd like to subscribe to.