The Big Way Gemma Atkinson's Diet Changed After Becoming A Mom

British actress and radio host Gemma Atkinson knows the importance of staying true to her fans on topics that she cares about — for example, when she was pregnant in 2019, she was often vocal about her journey. Some of her choices were controversial, though, such as her decision to consume a sports drink called Lucozade as a way to support her exercise routine during her pregnancy (via Hello! Magazine).

Some followers didn't spare Atkinson and called her out for it. The star, however, didn't budge from her stance and noted that she'd asked a doctor for food recommendations. When one commenter opined that they wouldn't ever choose to give even their teenage son the drink, Atkinson wrote back, "Good for you. Feed him what you want and I'll do the same with ME, MY body and MY baby" (per Hello!).

Even post-pregnancy, the actress and fitness icon has continued to share her experiences with her fans such as the changes that she has decided to implement in her lifestyle now that her daughter, Mia, has come into the world.

Gemma Atkinson turned totally vegetarian

Atkinson's biggest change post-pregnancy was adopting a balancing act. According to an article in The Sun last October, the star embraced a healthy approach to eating, which was basically "a combination of 80% what her body needs and 20% of what she craves."

She also stopped consuming meat altogether — something she first started to give up 10 years ago — and embraced a fully vegetarian lifestyle. Atkinson tells the magazine she spoke about her lifestyle changes with her partner, Gorka Márquez, confessing that she felt guilty about her meat habits. He told her, "Either eat the chicken and forget about it or become veggie because every time you eat a bit of chicken, you're remorseful for hours."

Now that she's completely vegetarian, Atkinson says she feels a lot better for it. According to Grazia, the actress has also revealed that she's particularly fond of vegetarian chili and includes plenty of beans in her diet, saying, "I love making a vegetarian chili with nachos, guacamole, and cheese, and I have my chili with rice and garlic bread."