Everything You Need To Know About The New Season Of Gordon Ramsay's Uncharted

The third season of "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted" premieres on Monday, May 31, at 9 p.m. EST, per Forbes. After that, it will show on Sundays before appearing on Disney+ the following Monday.

National Geographic, the channel that collaborated with Ramsay for the show, summarizes that this season will see Gordon Ramsay traveling to distant locations in search of inspiration, recipes, and adventure. "To be a pupil with these local chefs, stripped of everything I know and putting myself into that area of their expertise, is a dream come true," Ramsay enthused to Jim Dobson at Forbes.

Forbes also gave a sneak peek into what Ramsay will be cooking up in the new episodes of "Uncharted." In Texas, Ramsay will hunt rattlesnakes. He chases black pigs in Portugal. Maine has him lumberjacking and attempting to catch lobsters. The Croatian episode will see him freediving for mollusks, while in Michigan Ramsay helps a monk build a fence for his thimbleberries. In Puerto Rico, he learns about the aftereffects of Hurricane Maria and rappels a waterfall for shrimp. William Dissen, a chef local to the Smoky Mountains, takes Ramsay foraging. He learns to cook bread in the thermo-heated soil of Iceland. And, to finish the series, he will fight Mexican wasps to steal their larva.

Gordon Ramsay is still Gordon Ramsay

At a glance, the laundry list of admittedly gimmicky-sounding snippets makes Gordon Ramsay sound more like Bear Grylls or Anthony Bourdain. However, as National Geographic assured skeptical viewers before the first series released in 2019, Ramsay has done this before with his 2010 show "Gordon's Great Escape," which aired on Channel 4. "I suppose the more successful I've become, the more I want to strip back," he explained at the time. "I'm always willing to learn; I want to expand on my repertoire. I still need to feel that vulnerability and touch base with that insecurity of what I don't know."

Part of delving into this uncertainty means discarding the infamous reality TV personality with which he has been associated. "This is about putting food back on the map with National Geographic, where it deserves to be," he stated, meaning that while he is the figure who connects the show's disparate parts, the point is the food and the world that surrounds them.