Costco's GoodPop Orange And Cream Popsicles Have Shoppers Divided

With the return of warm weather, the time has arrived for pool parties, outdoor cookouts, and sunny picnics. Nothing helps beat the heat like a refreshing popsicle, and luckily, Costco has the answer in the form of their orange and cream ice pops. While these desserts sound like a good time on a stick, not everyone has warmed up to these frozen treats.

Instagrammer @costco_doesitagain found a freezer full of these popsicles at their local Costco and posted a picture of the discovery. The post has attracted over 6,500 likes, but the comment section has turned into a standoff. Some shoppers love the find, chiming in with replies like "I hope our Costco gets it this year because we love these," and "Oh yes, they are so good especially if you let [it] sit for a bit and [the] middle becomes creamy." Others haven't found something to love about the popsicle yet. Some critics didn't like the texture and commented with: "Blah a creamsicle MUST be creamy!!" while others just didn't enjoy the popsicle, stating "Bleh. These are awful lol."

A dairy-free treat with mixed reviews

According to the Costco Does It Again post, the popsicles are completely dairy-free and serve up the perfect treat for anyone looking to eschew animal products. A solid amount of positive comments revolved around how the popsicles lacked milk but still managed to contain a creamy center: "OMG dairy free and I bet they taste like creamsicles," and "I need these in my life!!! And they are dairy free." Many commenters loved that GoodPop's Orange 'N Cream flavor skips the milk but also is made with fair trade and USDA organic ingredients. The pop gets its flavors from Valencia orange juice and coconut milk — with a hint of vanilla, per GoodPop's website.

If you can't wait to try this treat, make sure to get a move on and grab a box of these popsicles while you can. As one commenter said, "If we buy this and it's good, I bet you they'll remove it like all the other stuff we like lmao." Once the warm weather starts to fade, who knows how long the store plans to keep the dessert around for, so make sure to check out this product while you can and see which side of the debate you fall on.