How One Person Was Able To Hatch A Grocery Store Egg

In a tale that is like something out of a strange storybook, one U.K. woman now has a new pet baby duck, and it's all thanks to a TikTok video. After watching the online video where a person managed to hatch a real live duck from a carton of store bought eggs, a Port Talbot native named Adele Phillips was inspired to try to recreate the experiment for herself. She purchased a half dozen Braddock White free range duck eggs at her local Morrison's, and rather than putting them in the fridge, she placed them in an airing cupboard with an incubator she got on Amazon.

After 10 days, one of the six eggs she had incubated was showing veins, which is the telltale sign that the egg was fertile. "I put all 6 inside and looked up the hatching and incubating process online, I set it to 37.5 degrees and waited 10 days to see whether or not they were fertile, you can tell by shining a torchlight into the egg in the dark. It's called 'candling' and if you see veins by day 10 of incubation, you have a fertile egg and to my surprise, there was 1 out of the 6 eggs!" Phillips explained to Bored Panda.

The baby duck hatched after 29 days of incubation

After less than a month of incubation, the egg began to show signs of hatching, as tiny little cracks began to appear in the shell. Just 48 hours later, a new baby duck finally emerged. Phillips described the experience, saying: "I continued the process of turning it 3-4 times a day, spraying it with water and bringing it to room temperature, and putting it back in for a few hours before repeating the turning...On day 27-ish he started to peck holes in the egg and I was so excited! He was out 48 hours later when I got home from work, I am absolutely overjoyed as I didn't think this would work at all!" (via Bored Panda).

Phillips, who named the little duck Braddock Morrison, said of the experience: "I am amazed and it really hit me when I saw come out of its shell. I thought, What have I done? It is just mad," (via Eat This Not That!). Although this is an extremely unlikely occurrence, this is far from the first time a duck has been hatched from a supermarket egg. Last summer, a Hertfordshire woman incubated three eggs she purchased at a local Waitrose, and hatched three "cutest little balls of fluff," which she named Beep, Peep, and Meep, according to theĀ BBC.