Robert Irvine's Go-To Ribs Cooking Method Has This Surprising Step

Robert Irvine should title this episode "Ribs Impossible" because this crazy idea might just make the tastiest ribs ever. The celebrity chef recommends putting spare ribs in plastic wrap, then wrapping them in foil (via Robert Irvine). One fan on Twitter was skeptical of this method asking Irvine, "You put ribs wrapped in plastic wrap in the oven? doesn't it melt?" The chef responded to the question explaining, "The plastic wrap is at low heat and WILL NOT melt or go k to food FYI .. all good I wouldn't tell you to do it if it did .. enjoy." 

While we remain a little incredulous, it would be rather strange if an expert cook was trying to sell us on melted plastic wrap. So, if you'd like to attempt these delicious sounding ribs, here's how to do it. Starting at the beginning, gather some brown sugar, cajun spice, cayenne pepper, and kosher salt (via Robert Irvine). Coat your ribs and let them sit for at least two hours. Next, you'll preheat the oven and do the plastic wrap/foil technique. Place on a baking sheet and cook for three hours. However, you're not done just yet.

A time tested rib recipe

Remove the ribs from the oven and allow them to cool (via Robert Irvine). Now, start up your oil fryer and set the temperature to 360 degrees. Make a flour and seasoning dry mix using all-purpose flour, corn meal, onion powder, ground pepper, garlic powder, and some more kosher salt. Unwrap your now room temperature ribs and coat them in the powder mix in portions that are about two bones each. Deep fry each of these sections for three to four minutes and you're done. 

Irvine shared that the recipe creates ribs that are hot in the center and golden brown on the outside. He also recommends that they are served with a chive garnish. One Twitter user commented that this is their go-to recipe for ribs. "He first did this on a show 6 or 7 years ago," the user explained. "Whenever I make ribs to this day that's the method I use." So, excuse us while we go grab the plastic wrap — we're having ribs for dinner.