How To Know When It's Time To Replace Your Gas Grill

Barbecue season may be more of a summertime activity because the weather is warmer, we spend more time outside, and food cooked over charcoal or a gas flame is delicious. Whether you use your gas grill throughout the year, or if it only gets a few months of use, you're going to want to check different parts of the barbecue to ensure it's in good condition and ready to be fired up again for another season of cooking burgers.

Typically, the more often we use something, the more wear and tear it will have, but the positive side of using something frequently is that we're more aware when there's a problem, or if something needs fixing. In fact, some indicators on your gas grill may show that it's time to fix a part or two. But some issues may highlight that it's time to say good-bye to your trusty gas grill and buy a new one. Here are several tips for your gas grill that you'll want to check to ensure everything is in good working order, or if something needs to be replaced.

First tip: If you're using the kind of grill that will burn both gas and charcoal, you'll want to check the firebox, which is usually located at the bottom or underneath the grill where charcoal is placed, according to ForYourGrill.

Five tips

You'll want to look out for any rust, or cracks. If the rust is minimal, clean it with a stainless steel brush but if it's covered in rust or cracked, it's a sign your barbecue's days are numbered, as reported by Consumer Reports.

Checking the grill grates for any flakes, or cracks is important because you don't want any metal pieces on your food (via Consumer Reports). You'll want to ensure there aren't any cracks in any hoses leading to the gas tank. Checking is easy — just spray a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water on the hoses and connectors, and if there are any bubbles you can be sure that there is a leak and something needs to be replaced (via Consumer Reports).

When you go to ignite the grill, if takes several tries before lighting, this could be a sign that it's time to replace the igniter. Once the barbecue is lit, check for uneven flames or yellow flames. This highlights tubes need cleaning, which can be done with a toothpick. It's an easy fix if the flames are blue and even, otherwise it's time to replace a tube, according to Consumer Reports.

Now you know what you can look out for, you can check your gas grill to make sure it's in great condition for the grilling season.