Here's How Much Publix Employees Really Make

As an established grocery chain, Publix is one of those names that's instantly recognizable, thanks to its reputation in the industry. The first Publix store opened in 1930 and it quickly grew to become "the largest employee-owned grocery chain" in the country (via Publix). But what's it like to be a part of the brand as an employee? Well, the company has a solid rating on Indeed: 4.1. out of 5 stars. 

Publix reportedly offers several benefits to its team members such as health insurance, retirement options, disability support, flexible work schedules, paid time off, stock plans, and more. One grocery team leader at the company wrote on Indeed that it's mostly a positive experience. "I started at Publix when I was 18 years old and absolutely loved it all the way until my most recent year," they shared. "Too many changes that aren't beneficial to the departments are made which make it hard to do your job properly." Another former employee wrote on Glassdoor that the environment can be toxic or extremely rewarding, depending on the managers at your store. 

As far as the salaries are concerned, about 62% of the employees at Publix have mentioned on Indeed that they're content with their compensation.

The pay range is varied

How much do employees really make at Publix? As per the numbers on Indeed, you're looking at somewhere around $12.41 every hour if you're a customer service representative at the company. Meanwhile, pharmacy technicians get paid $14.10 hourly. Deli associates are close to that at $14.19 while grocery associates can expect to make $14.33 per hour. Servers get around $13.36 every hour and meat cutters make $15.90. Also, cake decorators get paid $14.86 hourly. 

One Redditor wrote that the pay at Publix isn't too bad if you compare it to other places and brands in a similar category. "It's a decent paycheck compared to working at McDonald's," they revealed. "You have some flexibility on setting your schedule." Conversely, someone else declared that the pay package could definitely be improved and that the benefits aren't as great as they once were. Seems like there's some room for improvement at the company, eh?