Nigella Lawson Wants To End This Food Industry Myth

As a celebrity chef, Nigella Lawson is someone who's made a name for herself and is a respected icon in the food industry. She feels strongly about her passion for cooking and doesn't try to hide it in the least. Lawson has lots of useful advice for her fans too. For instance, she says that cooking doesn't have to be scary. "I think it's very important to remind people that you don't need to have enormous dexterity or skill to be able to cook," she revealed in an interview with Vogue. "To be given directions and to trust your palate, and go by the flavor and taste — that's what home cooking is."

For Lawson, cooking should be accessible to everyone and not something that is hard to grasp or master. She added that she understands that books by professional chefs can feel a bit too overwhelming to follow. But it doesn't have to be that way at all.

For Lawson, cooking isn't a mysterious process

According to Shondaland, Lawson thinks that it can be immensely helpful to focus on cooking as a structured process without letting it feel too rigid. This means you should pay attention to the ingredients and the recipe but also know when to trust your instincts. 

Additionally, Lawson stressed that several factors need to be considered in the kitchen. "People sometimes mystify cooking, and they think that there is a curious alchemy and something magical, but it isn't really," she reasoned. "It's about taking it back to the bare bones of what a recipe is, how to cook one, how to alter the recipe, how to substitute things, what you have to stick to, and when you can let go a bit." 

However, does acknowledge that cooking is magical in the sense that it lets her switch off and focus on the present moment, giving into it completely.