Alex Guarnaschelli's Surprising Trick For Crispy Grilled Chicken

Cooking chicken well is no easy task. There are countless things that can go wrong before the cooking process even begins, including buying previously frozen meat or chicken with brine injections or added water, going with skinless, boneless breasts instead of bone-in, and forgetting to leave it to dry in the fridge (out of the packaging) before cooking, which is necessary for a crispy exterior (via Food & Wine).

Drying the chicken in the fridge may sound counterintuitive. After all, you want the meat to be juicy. But it is essential if you want that crispy skin. According to Epicurious, when you remove the chicken from the package, you should pat it try with paper towels, then put it in the fridge, uncovered, to let it dry out even more. Overnight is best, but even an hour or so will help dry it out.

What other tips are there for getting the best crispy grilled chicken? For that, we turn to chef Alex Guarnaschelli

An unconventional but mouthwatering method

An Iron Chef, "Chopped" judge, and executive chef at Butter in New York City (via Food Network), Alex Guarnaschelli definitely knows a trick or two. Her tip for the perfect crispy grilled chicken seems a bit wild, but it also sounds like it would result in some delicious results. She recommends separating the skin from the chicken and cooking it separately (via Insider). "Marinate chicken without the skin. Grill the meat and pan-fry the skin separately until crispy," she told the outlet. "Then toss them together once both cooked!" This method also seems like the perfect solution for picky eaters who don't necessarily do well with having to eat the skin and will inevitably pick it off themselves.

There really is only one way to see if it works — try it yourself! If experience is any indication, the chef won't let you down.