15 Amazing Creations You Can Make With Nutella

If you are an unabashed lover of the ubiquitous Italian chocolate hazelnut spread simply known by its one-word rockstar name, Nutella, then please read on. Sweet, rich, and creamy, this glorious food deserves its own category. Whether you make it from scratch or buy it from the store, there's no denying the universal appeal of this lush chocolatey concoction. As perfect slathered on breakfast toast as it is baked into your favorite desserts or eaten directly from the jar, Nutella has the power to mesmerize and delight.

Since you're here because you probably enjoy the decadent taste of Nutella as much as I do, I want to let you in on some downright delicious ways to make it the star of as many dishes as possible. That's everyone's goal, right? Eat copious amounts of hazelnut chocolate as often as possible? Okay, good. Carry on.

Salted caramel mocha and Nutella brownies

Take your brownie game to the next level when you bake these delectable, complexly flavored brownies from Half Baked Harvest. They are at once over the top and perfectly logical in the grand scheme of things. Inspired by Starbucks' salted caramel mocha beverage, these chocolatey squares are made with sweet milk chocolate, butter, instant coffee, kahlua, and velvety cocoa powder, then stuffed with lots of Nutella, of course. A drizzle of homemade salted caramel lends yet another punch of flavor to these brownies of your dreams.

Tuscan Nutella and meringue tart

Say hello to your new go-to dessert for dinner parties. This beautiful yet rustic recipe comes from Juls' Kitchen. (Um, thank you very much, Juls.) Inspired by the rustic simplicity of the Tuscan countryside, this lovely tart bakes up subtly sweet and light-as-can-be. Traditional Italian shortcrust is filled with heaps of Nutella and walnuts, then topped with airy meringue. The mixture of extra Nutella in the meringue topping creates a marbled effect that's sure to impress your friends and family when you present the tart at the table after dinner.

Nutella waffle sandwich cookies

Got a panini press? If you do, you're in for a treat — one that's filled with Nutella no less. This recipe from Just a Taste is both creative and completely addictive. These Nutella waffle sandwich cookies are easy to whip up and adorable to boot. The cookies are made with a few pantry ingredients you're likely to already have on hand. Cooked in a panini press and cut into cute little rounds while still warm, the cookies are perfect for sandwiching around dollops of chocolatey Nutella. Since they come out pretty small and delicate, you won't think twice about devouring a dozen in one sitting.

Nutella fudge pops

Simple to prepare and totally kid-friendly, these icy treats from Chocolate Covered Katie make incorporating Nutella into your regular diet almost too easy. Made with five ingredients, these fudge pops are ideal for weekends, weekdays, and all the days when you crave chocolate. They bring together frozen bananas, Nutella (homemade or store-bought), cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt. That's it! Once you blend everything together, you can enjoy it as ice cream or transfer it to molds to make popsicles. Either way, you'll love how streamlined the prep is.

No-bake fruit and nut bars

This take on traditional granola bars from White On Rice Couple speaks directly to my sensibilities. I strive to eat healthy, but I actually also really want to eat chocolate all the livelong day. Nutty, dense, fruity, chocolatey, and dreamy, these bars require zero baking — assembly only. Yay! Nutella, honey, and brown sugar are cooked together to form the binding for lots of nuts and dried fruits. Pack it all into a pan, chill, and enjoy. These bars are great for grabbing on the go for that ideal combination of energy-giving protein and chocolatey sweetness.

Nutella and sea salt stuffed sugar cookies

Oh, you like simple sugar cookies? Well, you might want to keep right on moving. This recipe from Cookin' Canuck makes a batch of super sugar cookies. Dollops of Nutella are chilled in the freezer until they're firm before they're sandwiched between two mounds of cookie dough pressed together for a tight seal. Baked until just golden, these cookies get their rich flavor from the hazelnut chocolate, their sweetness from the classic sugar cookie dough, and their surprising punch from a dash of sea salt. Make. Share. Become wildly popular with everyone you know.

Sweet and spicy bacon coated with Nutella

If you haven't been eating Nutella with bacon, I urge to begin ASAP. The sweet and salty notes complement each other perfectly. Brilliant! In this recipe from Bell'alimento bacon slices are seasoned with chili powder, brown sugar, and black pepper, then baked until cooked through and just becoming crispy. Warm up some Nutella in the microwave and brush a generous amount onto each bacon slice. Top with fleur de sel to finish and enjoy.

Malted hazelnut and Nutella chocolate chip cookies

Regular chocolate chip cookies are classic, but sometimes it pays to take cookie risks. This recipe from Adventures in Cooking proves just that point. The cookie dough gets its extra-tender crumb from the addition of malted milk powder, while the toasted hazelnuts and chocolate chips lend the cookies great texture and fragrance. By incorporating the Nutella directly into the dough mixture, you end up with all-over chocolate flavor that also keeps the cookies moist. The result? Chocolate-forward cookies that taste luxurious and sophisticated.

Banana bread with Nutella swirls

If you have a few overripe bananas on hand, elevate your regular quick bread recipe with this take on the classic from Pass the Sushi. This loaf is filled with deliciously wonderful extras such as shredded coconut, creamy yogurt, hearty nuts, and stunning swirls of Nutella. After baking, you'll be rewarded with a moist hunk of marbled banana bread that tastes decadent and looks picture-perfect. This one was made for the age of Instagram.

Cinnamon sugar Nutella-swirled pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts

Half Baked Harvest's homage to everyone's favorite childhood snack is on point. I'm talking about Pop-Tarts, of course! Homemade whole wheat pastry crust is filled with warmly spiced pumpkin puree and melted Nutella. Baked until golden, these charming treats are frosted with a sweet maple syrup glaze and topped with a generous sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. The warm flavors, earthy pastry, and sweet chocolate flavor come together to transform an old-school toaster dessert into a modern-day grownup delight.

Nutella banana marshmallow creme panino

Another winner from Bell'alimento, this easy recipe for sweet panini makes good use of our beloved spread. Slice open your favorite crusty bread — I favor ciabatta myself — and layer it with a sliced banana, Nutella, and marshmallow creme. Cook in a panini press until the bread is crispy and the filling is warm all the way through. Slice diagonally and enjoy your stellar dessert sandwich. Can we please make dessert sandwich a thing? Since it's so simple to make, this panini can easily be multiplied to serve a crowd. Just saying.

Nutella doughnuts

Skip labor-intensive yeast doughnuts and get your Nutella fix a lot faster with these baked ones from Damn Delicious. Baked means healthy, right? Basic baked doughnuts are glazed with a nutty ganache made with Nutella and heavy cream for a smooth, rich finish. Top with crushed hazelnuts to enhance the chocolate flavors and you have yourself breakfast. Make these for someone special, share them with your office mates, or enjoy them all on your own.

Nutella swirl waffles

If breakfast and chocolate are two of your favorite things in life, then I'd like to introduce you to this recipe from A Beautiful Mess. As someone who would gladly choose sweet over savory any morning, I can attest to the allure of these tasty waffles. Classic buttermilk waffle batter gets an upgrade when you swirl in luscious, melted Nutella. Whip out your waffle maker and cook these up until they are just starting to caramelize and become crispy at the edges. Serve with butter and plenty of maple syrup.

Nutella hazelnut pots de creme

So apparently Bell'alimento is your go-to blog for Nutella concoctions. Hey, I'm not complaining! This recipe for pots de creme makes me weak in the knees. Whether you want to prepare a simple make-ahead weeknight dessert or you need to impress a hot date, this creamy chocolate treat would be perfect. Hot milk and cream are combined with blended chocolate, Nutella, eggs, and salt. Chill for a couple hours and serve with pretty garnishes such as fresh berries or crushed hazelnuts.

Chocolate Nutella bread pudding

Homey, humble, sweet, and cozy, bread pudding is the obvious choice for cold nights. Do yourself a favor and make this one from Becca Bakes. Best made with day-old French bread, this dessert brings together delicious carbs, creamy custard, chocolate, and Nutella. Baked until golden on top and cooked through, this comforting pudding is the perfect end-of-night treat.

I hope these fun, creative, and tasty recipes make it easier for you to incorporate Nutella into your life. Otherwise, you'll just have to stick with the down-and-dirty Nutella on a spoon recipe we all know by heart.