Publix Just Became The Latest Grocery Store Not To Require Masks

As the vaccine rollout keeps pushing forward, more stores have started to lessen restrictions. According to The New York Times, over half of all U.S. states have dropped all restrictions, while many other states plan to open up in May or June. In addition to this good news, certain retailers have announced that they plan to do away with mask requirements. According to USA Today, Walmart, Target, Costco, and Trader Joe's plans to allow vaccinated customers to shop freely without the use of masks. Publix just joined the ranks of these other businesses in a statement today.

According to Knight News, you can only ditch the mask if you have received all of your vaccinations and if local laws also allow for you to shop without face coverings. This comes as great news, as the grocery chain has required face protection since July, and the loosening of restrictions helps us slowly return to normalcy. In addition, the grocery chain even had an exciting announcement for some of its youngest shoppers, too.

The return of mask-free shopping

In addition to loosening mask laws, Publix plans to bring back a fan favorite that had been put on hold during the last year. According to Fox, kids can now start getting complimentary cookies from the bakery again, a practice that had to disappear due to COVID-19 prevention measures. This treat makes any shopping trip feel special and should excite anyone with kids who are looking to plan their next grocery run.

If you now want to embrace shopping like in the good ol' days, you can now leave your mask at home, as long as you received your vaccine. With a bit more time, America should continue to reopen smoothly and life can return to a new normal as restrictions slowly disappear. Just make sure to stay vigilant and continue to wear a mask if you haven't completed your COVID vaccination schedule yet. For now, anyone with immunity can start planning a celebratory shopping trip, and don't forget to grab that free cookie.