KFC Australia's Newest Menu Items Have This Boozy Ingredient

There is something about enjoying an ice cold beer with a nice, warm plate of fried chicken that just makes sense. The pair just seems to go well together, with the cool, refreshing beverage perfectly complementing the satisfying comfort food. And now, KFC Australia has decided to make the most of this perfect pair with the launch of its new craft beer burger and beer marinated chicken tenders.

According to Chew Boom, its new craft beer burger will be made with two savory pieces of beer marinated tenders, covered with lettuce, cheese, and bacon, smothered with tasty Pirate Life Beer BBQ sauce, and sandwiched between a fresh Arby bun. The burger comes either on its own as a sandwich, for $7.95 AUD (about $6.18 USD), or as part of a larger combo box meal. Customers can also order the delicious beer-flavored meat on its own, as part of the beer marinated chicken tender combo meal. The meal comes with three pieces of beer marinated tenders, a side of rich beer BBQ dipping sauce, a side of fries, and a regular drink, all for just $11.45 AUD ($8.90 USD).

This isn't the first time KFC Australia has added beer

This new boozy release goes hand-in-hand with KFC Australia's earlier plan to increase its appeal with the millennial generation by implementing a more chic, "hipster cafe" look and by serving alcohol at select locations. A few years ago, KFC Australia launched a push to attract a more grown-up audience by eschewing family meal buckets and kid's meals, and instead revamping the decor and adding beer and hard cider to the menu, according to The Drinks Business. "The new KFC concept store is a location specific store where adult consumers are the predominant customer base," a spokesperson for KFC Australia said of the change.

Both alcohol service and these tasty beer-battered meats are only available at participating KFC stores in Australia, at least for now, however much beer fans in the United States may hope that this savory, satisfying meal — and maybe a beer or two to go with it — might make their way over to KFCs in this part of the world sometime soon.