How Rich Is The Long John Silver's CEO And What's The Average Pay Of Its Employees?

When you're in the mood for some good and affordable seafood, Long John Silver's is a popular choice. Priding themselves on providing a "warm and crumblies feeling" for their customers (per the official website), the restaurant chain has been making seafood accessible to all since opening its first set of doors in Lexington, Kentucky in 1969. While the brand has been faithfully serving customers for more than 50 years, can one of 2018's "best employers for new grads" (via Forbes) say the same for their employees? 

According to Indeed, cashiers can make an average of around $8.56 per hour while cooks make slightly more with an hourly wage of $9.65. Restaurant staff, however, make the most out of the lower-level staff with their hourly wage being $10.36. If those pay rates are surprising, discovering what those in managerial roles bring in may make you cringe. Shift managers who work for Long John Silver's only bring in a wage of $10.81 per hour and assistant general managers make less than $2 more, around $12.69 per hour. General managers, of course, make the most on the staff with their annual salary coming in at $42,590. So, how do these numbers compare to what Long John Silver's CEO Blain Shortreed is worth?

Blain Shortreed likely earns a considerable salary in his role as CEO

As QSR notes, Blain Shortreed assumed the title of CEO for the brand in early 2021 after James O'Reilly — who held the position from 2015 to 2020 — stepped down. Previously holding the title of Chief Operating Officer for what is known as "the country's largest quick-service seafood restaurant chain," Shortreed's success with Long John Silver's made him a prime candidate for the role as CEO. Though, because he's so new in the role, there's not much official information available currently on his salary and net worth.

What is known, however, is how much the highest paid executive makes per year at the company. According to Comparably, the most compensated executive at Long John Silver's brings in an annual amount of $600,000. And, as Shortreed is the CEO, one can assume it is him that is earning this amount. While over half a million per year is an incredible salary to bring in, for someone that has an extensive background in the food industry — including 28 years at Yum Brands, parent company of KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell (via Nation's Restaurant News) — there's also potential stocks, investments, and savings. As such, one can expect Shortreed to be comfortably sitting on a pretty big chunk of change.