Here's How To Get Cast On MasterChef Junior

If you have a child who is highly passionate about cooking and can impress absolutely anyone in the kitchen, you've probably considered motivating them to be a part of the popular reality TV show "MasterChef Junior." After all, being a part of the show is considered to be a great honor. It also gives its young contestants a chance to interact with veteran chefs in the food industry such as Gordon Ramsay.

But hold on. How do kids get a chance to compete on "MasterChef Junior" and demonstrate their cooking skills? For those not in the know, "MasterChef Junior" often holds open calls in several cities across the country that allow aspiring participants to showcase their talent by auditioning for a spot (via CheatSheet.) To that end, being a part of the auditions is one of the most effective ways to join the competitive cooking program. But before auditioning, parents must ensure that they've filled in their kids' registration forms.

It's a long process

As per CheatSheet, parents need to be able to provide information on their kid's "cooking style," their preferred dishes to make for guests, and what makes them eligible to be a part of "MasterChef Junior." On audition day, parents and their kids must show up to the venue with special dishes prepared by the children. Only those between the ages of 8 and 13 can apply, according to the MasterChef Junior casting website.

Speaking of auditions, here's the caveat: there's no way for the kids to heat up the food and all they have is six minutes to get their dishes ready for the judges to taste. Presentation matters! Additionally, for those who cannot be a part of the open call, the show's producers have an alternative: video submissions.

The "Masterchef Junior" casting process doesn't end here. If selected for the next round, the kids must work and cook with a TV crew at home in the second phase to make it to the final round. The third stage requires the children to go through another stressful audition in California before they're chosen to be a part of the TV show.