Can You Really Get High From Drinking THC-Infused Seltzer?

The world has always loved a refreshing, cold beverage. Many people got their first taste of a clear, thirst-quenching alternative to beer in 2013 when SpikedSeltzer (now called BON V!V) was released. When White Claw was unleashed on the world in 2016, it was love at first sip.

Fruity, fizzy, and generally less filling than beer, hard seltzers are now one of the most popular beverages to drink on the boat, poolside, or in your backyard. In 2015, hard seltzers did about $3 million in sales and have dramatically spiked since. But it hasn't even hit its stride, as USA Today reports, hard seltzer popularity is expected to triple by 2023. Then, by 2027, it's estimated to be worth about $14.5 billion, according to Grand View Research.

Now, a new type of hard seltzer is being introduced in certain markets. These cannabis-infused seltzers are available in states where recreational cannabis is legal. And yes, they can get you high if you drink enough of them.

Seltzers that can get you high

Cann, specifically, is "microdosed with cannabis." The seltzer is GMO and gluten-free and contains no artificial flavorings or even alcohol. What it does have is 2 milligrams of THC. THC is a compound in cannabis that gets you high, as opposed to CBD, which doesn't. According to Cann, 2 milligrams is a "mild" dose of THC. 

A THC dosage chart on Leafly considers between 1 and 2.5 milligrams of THC, as found in edibles, to be a microdose that could relieve pain, stress, and anxiety and increase focus and creativity. 

Of course, popping open a second can — just like imbibing in a few alcoholic beverages — can increase the effects. Ingesting 2.5 to 15 milligrams of THC, according to Leafly, could lead to euphoria and impaired coordination and perception. In other words, drink a few THC-infused seltzers and you're likely to get high. 

The market seems to be promising for THC-infused beverages. Recently, old-school beer company Pabst Blue Ribbon launched a cannabis-infused seltzer. PBR's cannabis-infused seltzer, distributed by Pabst Labs, also contains no alcohol. Available only in California for now, the seltzer is made with purified water, lemon juice concentrate, sugar, natural flavors, and California cannabis extract.  

Pabst Labs claims on its website that its cannabis-infused seltzer is a liquid, so the THC is absorbed into the body faster, and the effects of the THC may be felt faster than traditional edibles. The company also reminds its drinkers that everyone has a different response to cannabis, so it's best to start with one can and see where it takes you, saying, "you can always have more, but you can't have less."