Here's How To Get Cast On Fridge Wars

Is there anything better in the world than family and food? "Fridge Wars," a TV show that was launched last year, mixes the two to present a delicious combination to its viewers. According to IMDb, two celebrity chefs are chosen to work against each other on the show and are asked to prepare delicious meals. What's the catch? They're only allowed to use the ingredients that they find in the fridges belonging to the families featured on the show. The show features TV personality Emma Hunter as a host. 

As per TV Over Mind, "Fridge Wars" has roped in chefs with different specialities and varying cooking styles. Some of the names include Matt Basile, Dusty Gallagher, and Massimo Capra. Also, there is a time restriction: the competing chefs only have 45 minutes to cook. 

What about the families featured on the show? Well, they're not given prior notice before filming. There's a perfectly good reason for that. Hunter said, "We actually go to the family's home and they have no idea that we're going to raid their fridge. They think we're there to discuss contemporary dinner habits, and then we sort of give them a ploy as to why they have to go into a different room." 

This is done to ensure that no one ends up adding new ingredients to their refrigerator to prepare for the contest.

Applying to be a part of the show isn't complicated

As per the "Fridge Wars" casting page, the show is on the lookout of families that are "in need of meal inspiration" and are bored of the routine at home. How do families become a part of the show, though? Well, to begin with, they must apply by filling an application form. The questionnaire asks for plenty of details such as the obstacles that the family has faced while cooking meals, the number of times they order food every week, their experience with entertaining guests at home, and more.

They also need to include pictures of their family, kitchen, pantry, refrigerator and the dining table. They're also encouraged to submit a video explaining what meal time is like at home and what kind of challenges await a chef who wants to cook a nice meal for the entire family. Interesting, eh?