Aldi's New Vegan Dumplings Are Turning Heads

Aldi is a great place for vegans to find fresh fruits, veggies, and plant-based offerings, and now they are expanding their vegan offerings even further with their new selection of Earth Grown dumplings. These tasty vegan dumplings are available in both tofu and vegetable and Thai basil flavors. The best news is, this flavorful product is selling for just $3.99 per box (via Instagram). They are USDA certified organic, plant-based, and contain just 170 calories, one gram of sugar, zero grams of saturated fat, and at least six grams of protein in each 5-piece serving.

Aldi shoppers were so thrilled with the product that they took to social media to rave about the vegan dumplings. Popular Instagram user @theamazingaldi made a post alerting their followers to the new find, and they were quick to celebrate the arrival of the dumplings. Follower @targetmakesitbetter replied: "Wow I have to check these out!" Fans also posted their positive reviews to Reddit, as well. "I have to keep my eye out for these!" u/RestingMuppetFace wrote.

Aldi shoppers raved about these vegan dumplings on social media

The dumplings have such a nice flavor that even non-vegans and meat eaters only had good things to say about them, with one Reddit user posting, "I'm not vegan but they were soooo good." "Same here I'm not vegan at all, but I love Aldi's vegan options!" u/mcgrammarphd agreed.

These dumplings are not only delicious — they are also extremely quick and easy to keep and prepare. They can simply be kept in the refrigerator until it is time to enjoy them. Then, simply pan fry them in oil for just a few minutes on each side until golden brown, or pop them in the airfryer, and they should be ready to eat in less than 10 minutes.

So, whether you are a committed vegan, an omnivore, or you even eat steak once a week, it sure seems like you won't be disappointed with these vegan dumplings. No matter what your dietary preferences are, any fans of Thai food won't want to miss their chance to give Aldi's Earth Grown dumplings a try.