The Truth About Brynn Gibson From Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns Season 1

On May 31, Gordon Ramsay and "Hell's Kitchen" is returning for a special Season 20, with a cast made entirely of "up-and-coming chefs" as described by Gold Derby. Filmed in Las Vegas in 2019, "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns" features 18 cast members who were all just 24 years of age or younger at the time of filming. The prize will certainly be life-changing for someone so young and at the start of their culinary career: cash winnings of $250,000 and a job as an executive chef at one of Gordon Ramsay's many restaurants. Christina Wilson, winner of Season 10 of the show, returns as the red team's sous chef and mentor, while Jason Santos, the Season 7 runner-up, returns as the blue team's sous chef and mentor.

Brynn Gibson was just 21 during the competition, one of the six youngest contestants who were all that age. Despite her age, Gibson has loved food since she was young. On her food blog, Gibson credits watching "Grill It! With Bobby Flay" with sparking a desire in her to work in the culinary industry when she was just 8 years old.

Brynn Gibson has studied and worked hard for her culinary skills

When she was a teenager, Brynn Gibson took adult cooking classes, which only confirmed that she was meant to be in this field, according to her food blog. The Vienna, Virginia native moved to Rhode Island to attend Johnson & Wales University, which has a highly ranked culinary program (via Best Culinary Colleges) and received her bachelor's degree in "Culinary Dietetics & Food Product Development."

At the same time that she was learning about nutrition and food preparation techniques at her university, Gibson was also learning about the business first-hand with a series of restaurant jobs, which included several stints as a prep chef, as well as working front of house as a waitress (via LinkedIn). She has taken that experience to start her own business as a personal chef and small events caterer, as well as running The Dumpling Den, according to her Instagram profile. Gibson writes in her blog that she "always had a knack for cooking." Stay tuned to see whether her knack and hard work will be good enough to avoid one of Gordon Ramsay's notorious insults.