The Truth About Morgana Vesey From Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns Season 1

"Hell's Kitchen" is back with its latest edition that features talented aspiring chefs who are 24 or younger. That's why this season is aptly called, "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns." According to Gold Derby, the episodes were shot back in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic. The show's new season will see the 18 young participants split into two teams to battle against each other to overcome unexpected cooking challenges and win top honors on the show.

Excited yet? "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns" will premiere on May 31 on Fox. Here's what you need to know: There will be two groups competing against each other, and of course, veteran chef Gordon Ramsay will be around to critique the chefs' dishes and offer his feedback. One of the chefs hoping for a chance to win this season is Morgana Vesey from New London, Connecticut. The 21-year-old already has a pretty impressive background in the culinary industry.

Though just 21, Morgana Vesey has years of experience in a professional kitchen

Morgana Vesey is no stranger to the food industry. Vesey has worked at several restaurants including Water Street Cafe, Oakdale Pizza, and 2Wives Brick Oven Pizza, according to her Facebook page. She is also the founder of a bar in Norwich called 86'd. 

Plus, Vesey has experience as a sous chef at a Peruvian eatery called Canggio, where she joined in 2018. According to the restaurant's official page, the chef has been drawn to the culinary world for several years. She has pushed herself out of her comfort zone to grow as an expert. For her, one of the best parts about being a chef is that it allows her to explore her creativity on the job. Also, 86'd was a dream come true for Vesey who was hoping to start something of her own for a long time. She launched 86'd in 2019 with two other entrepreneurs, Julio and Jose Cancho.