The Truth About Alex Lenik From Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns Season 1

Much to the delight of its fans, "Hell's Kitchen" is coming back on May 31. This time around, viewers can expect to witness talented, young chefs competing against each other to win the top prize. There's a twist here that's rather interesting: No participant in the "Young Guns" season is older than 24 (via Gold Derby.) There are 18 contestants who must work hard to impress the show's host, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

The competition remains as difficult as ever as the chefs work hard to stay on the show every week, trying to avoid being eliminated and make it until the very end. One of the participants on the show is 22-year-old Alex Lenik, a talented chef from Chicago, Illinois. Lenik is pretty active on his Instagram page and often shares updates from his everyday life, including his stories from the kitchen. A quick look at his pictures makes one thing clear: The chef loves what he does for a living.

Alex Lenik has experience in Chicago and New York

As per Gold Derby, Alex Lenik and his fellow contestants have been very patient. This season of "Hell's Kitchen" was shot in 2019 before the pandemic struck but is only being released now. Lenik posted a picture of himself from the show and wrote, "2 years later and the time finally comes. Mark your calendars for May 31st! The kitchen is about to get hot!"

His Instagram profile indicates that Lenik was keen on getting work experience and would often cook at the Chicago-based eatery, Roister where he spent eight months in 2017. He remembered his experience at the eatery and wrote on Instagram, "What a remarkable, fast-paced, scientific yet simplistic learning environment that I got to be in for the past 8 months." He added that he'll always cherish the memories.

All in all, he's experienced as a chef. According to his Linkedin profile, Lenik has already worked as the chef de partie for restaurants in New York and Chicago. He has also studied at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. Lenik sure does look like a tough competitor, huh?