Here's What You Can Do To Prevent Tomatoes From Cracking

Growing a garden can be such a fun and rewarding task to take on, but it can also quickly turn disappointing if all your hard work doesn't pay off the way you want it to. Whether your zucchini plants are overrun by bugs or your watermelons just won't swell up the way you want them to, or your beautiful ripe tomatoes suddenly crack without warning, these are all huge letdowns. The good news is, these issues are all largely preventable with a few tips, and keeping your tomatoes perfectly ripe and juicy without cracking is actually quite simple. 

According to the North Carolina Cooperative Extension, "Cracking and splitting occur when rapid changes in soil moisture levels cause fruits to expand quicker than the tomato skin can grow." This means too much water followed by too little water, or the reverse situation, is what's causing those lovely tomatoes of yours to split open.

Give your tomatoes consistent water

One of the best and most foolproof ways to ensure your tomatoes don't crack is to give them consistent water, according to AllRecipes. "Water your tomatoes less when the forecast brings summer showers. During dry weather, water the plant every two to three days." They also recommend using the correct hose, such as a drip irrigation hose or a soaker hose, both of which deliver water to the plant's roots where it's most beneficial. 

Other solutions to keep your plant healthy is to use mulch and to check your fertilizer. AllRecipes says that while tomato plants sometimes need the extra nutrients in fertilizer, too much nitrogen fertilizer will cause your tomatoes to grow too quickly and split, which is not what we're going for. The Spruce also recommends providing adequate drainage if your plant is potted, and to pick your tomatoes early before they have the chance to split.